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Consulting Services

My professional experience as

a veteran home educator,

the director of Mantellum Matris Academy,

the director of admissions for a Newman Guide college,

and an inaugural team member of the Classic Learning Test,

uniquely positions me to advise at all levels as a parent, counselor, and administrator.

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Homeschool Intensive

Parents are invited to join my new Homeschool Intensive sessions, designed to take you through quick but informative courses that will have you homeschooling confidently in no time.

Whether you're a new or veteran homeschooler, you'll gain insights and access information that will help you discern your best path forward in your homeschool journey and learn "what's new" in the greater Catholic homeschool community!

Program includes live Zoom sessions and access to a quarterly newsletter updating you on the latest in curricula, resources, news and information from our ever-growing, ever-changing homeschool landscape.


Private counseling sessions may be added for an additional fee.

High School &
Catholic College

I am excited to now offer High School and Catholic College Consulting services to parents across the country -- all from a Catholic perspective.

As Catholic home educators, we sacrifice much for our children. It should stand to reason that if they are inclined to attend college, they do so at one of our good, faithful, Catholic colleges....and that they take the Classic Learning Test (CLT) to help them get there, the only exam most aligned with our values!​

I share with you my experience and advice as a counselor, my work as the admissions director of a Newman Guide recommended college, and my time in helping introduce and launch the CLT - and give you insight on often over-looked questions to ask, but which will help you discern the very best college for your teen.

Your personalized counseling program will include private one-on-one discussions, group Zoom meetings, and access to a year's worth of quarterly newsletters and communication to keep you updated on new curricula, college offerings and opportunities, scholarships, and more.

Additional topics of interest include:

  • Crafting a course of study that works to reach your student's unique goals

  • The Classic Learning Test bank of exams

  • Dual-enrollment options

  • Crafting Transcripts and CV's

  • Discerning a good, Catholic college beyond academics:  questions you never thought to ask

  • Campus visits, summer programs, and more

  • The college application process

  • Topics for application essays -- (please, no more C.S. Lewis! [cue laughter])

  • Financial aid and good debt, from a Catholic parent perspective

  • Guiding your student to rise to the occasion and take responsibility for their own future

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