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The Imperfect Homeschooler

I'm Laura.

A gloriously messy, imperfect wife, mom, homeschooler, daughter of Our Lord. Sometimes I'm brilliant if I'm not being a peabrain. I rarely say 'no' and fear of failure is a fantastic teacher. I take no credit for our beautiful sons; we simply fed and watered them and God took it from there. I love my husband beyond words and proved it when I agreed to uproot our family from my home state of California and follow him to Kansas, logging a good number of rosaries for Our Lady in the process. I love my work and am devoted to the families I serve. Unfairness and illogic are my mortal enemies and I'm a fierce activist in my own way to preserve our God-given rights. Something no one knows about me? I logged time in the left-hand seat of a Ford Trimotor.

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My profile pic just because I love the 20s, blue, and effective women.

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